WiiDual Internal Installation for CPU-40 & up Wii's

This is going to be a small overview of the procedure. The teardown specifics will not be listed in this document. The entire installation procedure is available via video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAH4ZJ45drY

This is kit is for advanced installers only. I am not held responsible to damage to your console or damage to the kit. Each kit is personally tested by me and confirmed working before being shipped out. This document assumes you know how to take apart the Wii with basic tools as these instructions will not be included.

This kit uses Zero Force Flip Lock Insertion FFC for the Flex cable. FFC connectors are fragile and can be broken easily if care is not taken.

Please use lead free solder when install this kit. The Wii is produced with lead free solder. Lead free and leaded solder do not mix properly. This can create issues during the install process.

You will need a MINI hdmi cable, I recommend this one from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Cable/dp/B014I8UEGY/

This Kit includes:

Items required:

Step 1 - Understanding the jumpers

Step 2 - RGB Cable Pinout

Step 3 - Understanding which components to remove based on CSYNC choices

Step 4 - Time to start modding